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The Jolly Green Giant! Ho Ho Ho!

Well Lucky Fil! He got to take a detour route back home from visiting Grandma & Grandpa’s house over the weekend! He has not visited the Jolly Green Giant in 8 or 1 0 years because there has not been a reason to hop and skip over to Blue Earth, MN in a long time.

Well, it was his lucky day because he got to visit the amazing and super cool Jolly Green Giant and his little friend Sprout! He was so excited, and he had the statue all to his self, at least for a little bit. Apart from a couple of little girls and their mom, and a two-car caravan of twenty somethings on a road trip from Oregon, it was quiet on a cooler windy late afternoon.

Fil forgot how tall he was, almost reaching the sky, a bit taller than the oak trees framing him. It reminded Fil to make sure to each his vegetables and forget about the Dairy Queen treats just a short walk away. Hum… tough… peas and carrot, or a Dilly Bar… ugh! If you ever find yourself on the long stretch of corn fields along Interstate 90, you too can make a quick stop and stretch your legs and visit our vegetable loving friend too! It is not hard to miss him!

The Jolly Green Giant!
Fil the elephant with Sprout

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