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Happy Easter, Coloring Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! While it It seems like forever until the Easter bunny comes to visit tonight and leaves Fil some delicious Easter treats, he decided it would be an enjoyable time to get into the Easter spirit by coloring some eggs.  

First things first, he had to boil some eggs. But how? He could go the traditional method and get a boiling pot of water on the stove, but that takes too long. He opted to look up how to boil perfect eggs in InstaPot! That was a time saver, and easy clean up. He set the pressure cooker to 5 minutes, and let it sit 5 minutes before letting off steam. He packed the away and put them in the refrigerator to cool off and wait.  

After a few hours they were cool enough to touch so he made some egg dye. He got these on clearance last year for only 19 cents for the box, such a great deal especially because the normally sell for $3. You cannot go wrong with a great deal! This egg kit came with six amazing colors, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink.  

Fil getting all the colors ready!

After he was all done coloring his eggs, he decided to add some cute stickers to them. He learned however, that it is hard to stick on stickers when they are still wet, so he let them sit on a rack for a bit to air dry. After that, the stickers went on so much better. He found a cute train sticker which is his favorite. I mean; Who does not like cute stickers? Fil thinks that there could be no one in the world.  

Fil coloring a pink egg

After getting everything all decorated, he had a colorful carton of eggs. Now it was time to try out an egg. 

Fil and his Finished Product

They were delicious! Now all he must do is have a wonderful Saturday and wait for that Easter bunny to stop on by and fill his Easter basket. Have a wonderful day! 

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