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First Snowfall of the Season

Well, it happened! Fil had been waiting for a long time for the first snow fall of the season. We have had some little snowfalls, and just some light snow that melted right away, but this is the first snowfall where we had to shovel! In fact, the weather forecast called for just dusting on this little storm too, but it kept snowing and snowing and snowing and we got 3 inches of snow!  

There is something very magical about the first real snowfall of the season. The world is quieter and softens all the sounds around you. Then of course you have the beautiful snow that drapes on top of the branches in the morning, before the wind or sun knocks them away.  

Last night when Fil was helping to shovel snow from the driveway, he could not help but play in the snow too. This snow was the soft fluffy kind, not icy, not watery, not the kind you can make snowmen out of. No, this kind of snow was the kind you can pile up in a big pile and jump in. Just like a big pile of leaves in the fall. You sink, even the smallest amount of weight will take you to the ground! This is exactly what Fil did, he piled it up and ran into the pile and splat! Snow flies into the air and he rolls around in it. Ha! Oh boy so much fun! There is always something magical about the snow and he is so happy it is finally here.

Fil jumps in the snow

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