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Fil’s Trip to the Apple Farm

Fil has such an exciting life; he always gets to do so many fun things. Over the weekend Fil was lucky enough to go to an apple farm to pick apples with myself, my husband Daniel, and our son. Going to the apple farm in the fall is always an exciting experience and this time was no different.  

We got into the truck in the evening and took a drive south to the popular Minnesota Harvest, near Jordan, MN. This time we wanted to try something new, by going in the evening rather than on extremely popular weekend afternoons.  

Because it was dinner time and Fil and our son were both famished, we decided to order a couple of pizzas. Sausage and Pepperoni for the kids and BBQ Chicken with apples for the grown-ups, oh and a couple of hard ciders.  

After the famished Fil, filled his tummy with pizza it was time to find the Orchard Limo to take us to the apples! Apples everywhere! Riding on the tractor pulled wagon was the highlight for everyone. It was bumpy, jerky, and it was fun! Fil did not even want to get off to pick the apples at first, but that was the point of going to the apple farm to begin with… so he obliged. He was disappointed for a little while, that was until he sank his elephant teeth into some juicy sweet and tart apples! So many apples, too many for even an elephant to eat!  

As the sky was starting to get darker and the sliver of the moon was starting to show itself in the west sky, we knew it was time to start going home. The farm was closing, so we took one quick look at the pot belly pigs and chickens before we needed to end this wonderful fall evening at the apple farm.  

The drive back home was quiet, with everyone munching on one last apple. It was late, so once we got home, we had to get ourselves tucked away in our beds. Good night apple farm, see you next year. How lucky we are to get to enjoy apples for the days to come.  

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