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Fil’s new notebook

What an exciting day! Fil made a new notebook and his sample arrived in the mail. Fil created this notebook just so that he can start writing all his new story ideas down! Right now, he is already in the middle of working on a brand-new story that has to do with fun times in the snow. Fil does not want snow to be here tomorrow, but he also cannot wait for all the fun snow activities that will be sure to come when the time is right. Things like building a snowman, sledding, and throwing snowballs come to mind.  

But wait!!! Stop! It is not time for all that yet… we need to have Halloween first! He has not even carved out his pumpkin yet! Wow! This time of year is always so exciting for Fil because he has so many fun holidays to look forward to. All these things create so many adventures and stories to write for both his blog and even some for a story book! This Fil the Elephant notebook will do the trick, to jot down ideas and even attempt to fix his spelling errors. Fil loves his new notebook so much he decided to share it exclusively on, so even you can get a copy to start authoring your own stories too! Or draw some cool elephant pictures, or even just to do math homework.  

What a wonderful day! With love, your friend Fil! 

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