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Fil’s Last day in Colorado

Fil spent the day driving though the mountains of Colorado and got tired and got ready to set up camp at Redstone Camp ground just a mile from the cutest small town of RedStone, Colorado. This was his last night camping in the beautiful state and was a lot different than Mesa Verde National Park with the White River rushing by across the street and the green pine trees all around us.

Fil Sitting on the Camp ground sign.

The next morning we packed up all our camping gear and started to head back towards Kansas and eventually Minnesota. We drove though Aspen and a little ways outside the city we did a little hike in a small park called “The Grotto”. The map said there was an ice cave but our first attempt to find it we got lost. We came back and realized we were walking an old wagon trail instead. We came back and explored it again, and it was a cave of ice. It was pretty cool. Some people were down in the cave but being inexperience rock climbers we decided to forgo going inside. Fil liked the rushing river and the water fall he saw.

Fil at The Grotto

Overall Fil had an excellent 1st camping trip in Colorado, and hopes to one day visit some other parks one day in the near future.

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