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Fil’s Christmas Vacation

Fil went home to Fairmont, Minnesota to celebrate Christmas this year. He went to the house he grew up in, except he is and will always be a baby elephant and will never really grow up. While Fil was home he had a few tasks he was responsible for. His first task was to be the supervisor of making sure a homemade fruit pizza was made to his high standards of perfection.

Fil examining the fruit pizza

It appears he has approved the fruit pizza and it was deemed editable. His second task was to approve the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. He needed to make a special trip to Blue Earth, Minnesota for this cake and the requirement was that it needed to have a proper Christmas motif on it. I think it passes do you Fil?

Fil makes sure the Dairy Queen cake is worthy to eat.

Fil’s last and final task was to taste test Spotted Cow beer from the New Glarus Brewing Company in Wisconsin. A most delicious beer that one can only purchase in that state. A farm ale brew is one of Fil’s all time favorites. He enjoyed this brew while playing a game of poker, which he lost at and had a tantrum.

Fil with Spotted Cow

That was how Fil spent part of his Christmas Vacation!

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