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Fil runs loose in the Garden Center

Fil Hopping on Plants.

Fil got a rare treat yesterday by getting to come to work with me at my part-time job. I told him he had to stay in my car, but as mischievous as he is I should of known he wouldn’t listen. At the end of my shift and as I was walking to my car to change my shoes he escaped because he wanted to see all the pretty flowers. He had never seen so many in his life in one place and was very excited and over eager to smell each and every flower in the flower tent.

Fil finds a spot on the shelf.

Fil then found a spot on the shelf hoping I wouldn’t notice him and that he could just blend in with all the other flowers. Little does Fil know that I have a very sharp eye and told him he isn’t really that sneaky and captured him before we had to head home for the night. I guess this is just another day in the life with Fil the elephant! :)


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