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Fil Plays Bingo

Fil never played bingo before so he wasn’t sure what to expect. We brought him into the bingo hall, and he saw all sorts of people there. Mostly regulars, who were very nice and welcoming. We looked like amateurs, and we were because we didn’t have the rituals everyone else did. We had only played bingo in elementary school learning spelling words way back in the olden days before iPad classes and electronic tests, when paper was king.

Fil didn’t feel out of place at bingo because the other people had a rainbow of ink dabbers and trolls. Some people even had a special bag to hold all their bingo supplies. Fil saw a few other elephants in the area, but none were as cute as himself! Fil diligently would dot the free spot and wait for the numbers to be called. Fil always came close to winning, with one or two numbers left but this wasn’t his lucky day. Someone always beat him to the punch yelling BINGO! Fil felt sad, but I reminded him that he should see it as inexpensive entertainment.

Fil plays bingo
Fil plays bingo

One day we’ll go back, but it won’t be a regular thing. Fil doesn’t want to become a regular and collect a set of trolls. They seem scary and have weird hair that mysteriously stands up straight without the use of hairspray. Fil thinks he is a good luck charm on his own, even if he doesn’t win any prizes at bingo.


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