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Fil Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fil could not wait to wake up today! For two days he wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, but on the 1st day he realized he did not have enough eggs, so he went to the store to get eggs. By the time he got home it was too late to start making cookies, so he had to wait for the next day. On the next day he was busy working and had to go to appointments and forgot about his cookies. When he finally had enough time to investigate making the cookies, he realized he now did not have enough butter. Sigh!!!! Fil was sad about this and went back to the store again; this time to get butter. By the time he got home, it was too late again to start making cookies, so he played some games, watched a show, and curled up in his cozy bed and drifted off to sleep. 

When Fil woke up, he ran to the kitchen, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth and this time he was ready to make his cookies! He got out a bowl, a bag of chocolate chips and followed the recipe on the back. The chips recipe is always the yummiest! First, he mixed the butter and sugar together with a little bit of vanilla, then he added the eggs. After that he added the flour, salt and baking soda and mixed it all together well. He was about to make his first cookie when he realized he forgot the most important thing; the chocolate chips! How can you make chocolate chip cookies without chips? This would have been a big mistake, but luckily, he remembered before putting them on the cookie pan. He stirred in the chips, and then made little cookie balls and put them on the sheet. A grown-up helped him put them in the oven and then he had to wait. This was the hardest part… waiting.  

After some time, the cookies were ready, but they were too hot to eat right away, so he had to wait even longer.. how long does a small elephant have to wait for cookies? Eventually they were cool enough to sample his tasty treat and it was heaven! The best chocolate chip cookies ever, and the waiting was worth it. Sometimes it is good to have patients!  

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