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Fil goes out for Happy Hour

Over the weekend Fil decided to go to happy hour at a placed called Porter Creek Hardwood Grill. They have 1/2 appetizer and flat bread specials which are phenomenal. As soon as we arrived and got seated Fil couldn’t wait another second to poke his head out of my purse to get a look at the atmosphere. He could smell all kinds of lovely smells coming from the kitchen and the smokey wood smell. Fil’s taste buds started to get really excited and he proceeded to look at the menu to make his selections.

Fil waiting to Eat.

Fil looked diligently over the menu and decided to order a few selections. First of all he wanted a beverage, only a taste. If anyone has ever watched the movie Dumbo, there is a scene where Dumbo gets in to some adult beverages and has a dream about pink elephants. Well, that didn’t happen to Fil, but he did want a little taste of a flight of cellos. Fil also wanted to try the Ceviche with Smoked Scallops, which had shrimp, scallops, and pico de gallo served with corn chips. Fil was feeling a little hungry because he hadn’t ate dinner, so he also had his eye on the Italian Sausage & Apricot Chutney flat bread which he devoured way to quickly. Here you see Fil practically drooling over all the smells and pretty colors in front of him.

Fil admiring the food.

Fil also filled his tummy on a Warm Goat Cheese & Roasted Beets appitizer that he couldn’t get enough of. Fil never tried a beet before, so this was new for him. He took one bite and was so happy to finish them off. He gobbled and gobbled and before he knew it his belly was full and he was ready to head home and curl up in bed and go to sleep. Fil had a really fun time and got to try some really good food. Fil is one lucky elephant!

Fil Loves Beets.

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