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Fil gets a Bedroom Makeover

Fil Jumping on a Pillow
Fil Jumping on a pillow

Over the weekend, Fil got a bedroom make over. He got all new pillows, curtains, and a new comforter. His old set didn’t have so many pillows just two, but with the new one there are a total of eight pillows on the bed. Fil has been having a fun time the last few days jumping and bouncing from pillow to pillow. One is so bouncy it is like a mini-elephant trampoline. He jumps on it and gets higher and higher and almost gets to the ceiling. Fil would spend hours and hours jumping so by the time I arrive home from work he is so worn out and tired that he just curls up into a little elephant ball and falls asleep. I guess he loves his new soft bed covers. Now if I can just get him to stop wrinkling it! 🙂

Fil Sleeping
Fil sleeping after a long day of play

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