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Fil can’t decide


Fil can’t decide

Fil took another trip to Hudson, Wisconsin earlier in the week and picked up a variety pack of beer from the New Glarus brewing company. It  had been before Christmas since he made the venture across the border to pick up  is beloved Spotted Cow beer, but while he was there he decided to try a few others. Now Fil is having trouble deciding which one to try first. Two Women? Maybe, but he is just a baby elephant and not really into women much. Moon Man? Well that sounds intriguing to him but he thinks he might have to wear an elephant space suit to try that one. Fat Squirrel? A possibility, he doesn’t mind watching fat squirrels running around in the yard looking for a nut. Sometimes even Fil considers himself just a squirrel looking for a nut, or a peanut. Spotted Cow? That reminds him of the man in the moon, and the little boy blue, a cat and a spoon, and that famous cow jumping over the moon? How does a little elephant decide? I guess that is the question!

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