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Fil Builds a New Website 

For years, Fil has had a blog site on, and for him it was a place for expressing himself to mostly anyone that wanted to stop by. Most of his stories are riddled with spelling errors, grammar errors from back in the day, and I suppose that is still possible even now. He does have chubby paws, so when he types really fast it is easy to select the wrong keys.  

Over the years this blog site has served his purpose, but with the limited options available to him over there, he decided to create a new site at It is not 100% completed yet, but it has all the basics there. His blog posts have been transferred over and he has added some other trivial things he just was not able to do on the old site. Things like a place to promote his book or his podcast for example. Fil eventually hopes to add to it even more, but still as always, his focus is the blog itself. That is where he can shine and be his most creative self.  

If you still follow the old site, do not fret, it is still up and running and Fil will continue to post blogs to that site as well. Fil likes that the old site is so simple and that it supplies just the blog to our followers. The new site will also have the same blog posts as well because Fil’s priority is to continue to offer the same content he always has and that will always be what is true in his heart. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out the next time you are bored! It is Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend! Your friend Fil! 

Fil building his website
Print screen of Fil’s new webiste

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