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Fil and Herbie go to a Monster Truck Show

I am so excited to announce the release of my 3rd book in the Fil the Elephant series, titled Fil and Herbie go to a Monster Truck Show! This book was inspired by a special friend, named Herbie who loves to play with monster truck toys just like me. Some of our favorite games are jumping over a pile of cars, pretending to smash them, jumping off of ramps, and just driving them around in circles. The best part about monster trucks is the really big tires and the awesome colors. Sometimes they even look like an animal, or a dinosaur or something!

In this book, I am so lucky because my dad is taking my best friend Herbie and me to a monster truck show for the very first time. I am not really sure what to expect, since I have never gone, but I think it will be loud and there will be plenty of snacks.

Maybe if you pick up my new book on, you can find out what happens on our adventure! Spring is a great time for new books! Happy Spring!

Fil and Herbie go to a Monster Truck Show

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