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Fil and Friends arrive at the Campground

Fil got into the in car with his friends Spot and Rusty and started heading west.They started in Colby, KS and were off towards the Colorado border.

Spot, Fil and Rusty riding in the car in Kansas.

When they arrived to Colorado, Fil hopped on to the dash board for yet another pose after witnessing his first coyote sighting running across the high plains.

Fil riding in the car in Colorado

After hours and hours of driving Fil and his friends finally arrived at the Mesa Verde National Park campground and set up their tent. They got all cozy inside the tent and I had a hard time getting them out to make dinner.

Rusty, Fil and Spot in the tent.

Eventually, however, their bellies did get hungry and they decided to come out and help make a camp fire dinner.

Fil, Spot and Rusty getting the food ready

After a yummy meal, and full tummies they curled up in their tent for a long nights sleep so they’d be ready to explore the Mesa the next day.

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