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Decorating for Halloween

Getting ready for Halloween is so much fun. Fil loves to decorate, so what better way to get ready for Halloween than to decorate the yard? Fil decided to climb up in the attic of the garage and pulled down his Halloween decorations these were made a long time ago. I guess you could call them vintage. Fil made these in the 90s; whoa so long ago. 

You might be wondering how he made these decorations. Well first he got a pattern and laid it on top of a large piece of plywood. After he traced the pattern onto the wood, he got on his band-saw and cut out the shape. Then he painted the shape to look like a ghost coming out of a pumpkin, added some outlines and ta dah a cool, customized Halloween decoration.  

To finish them off he added some vintage orange Halloween mini lights (sorry mom, they are not LED). He put them on stakes and now he displays them proudly in his yard!  

Now all that Fil must do is wait to carve out his spooky pumpkins and get his costume ready and he is all set to hand out Halloween candy to all the neighborhood kids, and maybe even elephants too! 

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