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Fil and Flowers

Fil trying to smell a petunia

I recently applied and got a seasonal part-time job merchandising flowers at two local Home Depot stores. I had training last night and one of the perks was that I got to bring home some flowers. This morning, Fil heard me rustling in the spare bedroom with those big ears of his and into came running in to see what was going on. His eyes were wide open, as he had never seen so many flowers in the house before and started to do his elephant dance. When I came back into the house with another flat of flowers, I caught Fil trying to smell a pink petunia. I thought he was in love with all these flowers because I had a difficult time trying to get him to leave the flowers alone. He wanted to give the flowers a bath, touch the flower petals, sing to the flowers and smell them. I told him to be very careful not to get dirty or he will have to get a bath too. Fil has since spent the afternoon admiring the flowers from a distance with a big smile on his face. 🙂

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