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Broken Car

Fil waiting in the car in Mankato, MN.

About two weeks ago the breaks in my car decided to leak break fluid. As in most cases like this I usually end up calling my dad. He works on cars, and is the one I trust the most on these matters. The only problem is that my parents live 2 hours away from me. So on an unusualy warm March night Fil and I drove to Mankato to meet them in the parking lot. I took a photo of Fil just as the sun was setting in the west. Fil made a great car companion because he doesn’t talk much, he is an excellent singer which is great because I’m not, and he is super adorable. Fil and I always enjoy driving towards Mankato because we get to hug the Minnesota River and the bluffs are always so lovely. Thanks Fil for being such a great companion! 🙂


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