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A visit to the pumpkin patch

Some of Fil’s favorite things to do in the fall is jumping in the leaves, going to pick apples (which we still need to do) and his annual visit to the pumpkin patch. Well… it really isn’t a patch, but they do have a lot of pumpkins and they are the cheapest pumpkins you can find anywhere around here. Every fall Fil makes a short trip to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, if you haven’t been, it is a must visit in the summer and fall months in Minnesota. Right off US Hwy 169 you can’t miss the giant yellow building between the towns of Belle Plaine, MN and Jordan, MN. There is something there for everyone, from the isles and isles of candy, seasonings, fresh baked pies, superhero characters, sodas of every imaginable kind and puzzles galore it is hard not to overspend. A tip if you do go, they do not take plastic so make sure you bring plenty of cash (more than you think). Another tip, try to go on a weekday especially this time of year, and finally they have the least expensive pumpkins around. If you do go on the weekend, go early in the morning otherwise you can expect difficult traffic conditions and packed isles.

On this trip Fil went to get pumpkins and since Fil loves to carve pumpkins every year, he must get some! He likes to have them on the front step for the month of October, so he can enjoy them on warm afternoons while he is playing in a pile of leaves. Happy pumpkin hunting!

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